Combining Assessment, Education and Guidance to Reach Success

AgroFides assesses the creditworthiness of farmers by addressing the critical components of credit. We also provide resources to improve the capacity of farmers. We leverage technology and agricultural expertise to enhance the farming practices of small and medium-scale farmers. We offer a platform to bridge previously uncharted relationships between lenders and farmers.

Our Process

Select a Viable Farmer

To improve upon the economy of scale, reduce the cost associated with providing services, and reduce the risk of lenders, AgroFides works with farmers within cooperatives. Cooperatives are selected after consultation with extension service providers, including government extension officials. We will also review the cooperatives' agricultural and business records. Learn more about opportunities for farmers and FBOs.

Assess Creditworthiness

Using a variety of models developed from qualitative and quantitative data collected about farms and farmers, as well as using the five C's of credit, we will generate a Fides Score in order to determine a farmer's prospect of repaying their loan and growing their business.

Provide Extension and Financial Education Services

We operate in tandem with selected cooperatives and offer agricultural expertise by promoting research-based farming techniques and the employment of scientific tools to make a positive impact on the global climate challenge.

Provide Access to Capital

We provide creditworthy farmers the opportunity to secure loans on our platform. We offer creditors the chance to lend to creditworthy farmers and farming operations in exchange for financial returns and positive measurable impact outcomes . AgroFides ensures that a high percentage of the loans provided on our platform are used for agricultural purposes. Learn more about our lender opportunities.

Improve Economic Efficiency

AgroFides field staff works in close proximity with farmers. We use preexisting relationships to service loans, which reduces the costs of traditional loan underwriting practices. Our operation also leverages resources by providing agricultural tools that are traditionally cost-prohibitive for any one farmer by utilizing the method of bulk purchasing to reduce prices for a greater number of farmers.

Monitor Progress

Our loan servicing team ensures that farmers have the right combination of cash and tools to warrant a successful harvest and make sure that loans are being used for agricultural purposes.

Facilitate Repayment

Proper appraisals and client selections, adequate loan sizes, reasonable interest rates, appropriate terms, and financial literacy will contribute positively to repayment.

Reinvest Profits

True to our mission, we will invest our profits back into our business model with the goal of ensuring economic growth, sustainable development, climate-smart agriculture, and food security.